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Product Description

Controls4J™ Library is a set of improved Swing components for Graphical User Interface development. With this solution, we have used all the advantages of the Java Swing library and eliminated all its drawbacks. Controls4J™ Library will become for you an irreplaceable development tool of the truly attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Main characteristics of the Controls4J™ library

Broad functionality and ease of use

If you have ever been engaged in professional GUI development using Java/Swing, you might have experienced many drawbacks to despite the promise of great possibilities. Some of the possibilities are hidden in the library architecture itself. Solutions to some these problems are not always evident. Occasionally, in-depth experience in working with the library is required to find the only acceptable solution. Using the Controls4J™ Library, you will be able to quickly and precisely find the necessary controls and elegant solutions.

Compatibility with Look And Feel technologies

The development of new controls based on already available components is not a difficult task. However, if you try to create a new element with a proper support of the various Look And Feel technologies, this would take much more time than the development of the control itself. Our products completely eliminate this drawback due to built-in LAF support tools.

Convenience of integration

Our set of controls is based on the standard Java library. Thus, no additional tools or applications are required to use the controls to your needs.

The main advantages of purchasing and using Controls4J™ Library:

  • Easy to learn and simple to apply for the development of the professional high-grade GUI
  • Reduced development time
  • Concentration on more significant objectives, rather than on construction of new controls

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